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Created in 1997, GHASSIST S.A. is a national leader in Ground Handling services, committed to offering the best personalized service to its clients, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Its dedication and commitment identify it as pioneer company in Angola, in its field of activity. Its solid financial basis and its positioning allow it to encompass its goal: to be among the most competitive and efficient service providers of Ground Handling in the global market.

With a fleet of varied equipment, cutting-edge technology and more than 600 qualified workers, GHASSIST offers a wide range of services in ground handling services, in conformity with the most demanding international quality standards.


In 2007, GHASSIST S.A. began servicing operations in some provincial airports, namely Cabinda, Onjiva and Lubango. Still in 2007, and consequent to its plans for development and the reinforcement of its client portfolio, there was an increase in revenues and a consequent improvement in net results.


At present, GHASSIST’s main objective is to offer a service marked by excellence, in quality and safety, of ground assistance to aircraft on the ground, passengers, cargo and mail, ensuring the success of these operations, in the airports of Angola.


To provide a handling service (stopover services) that will exceed the expectations of our clients, fulfilling and ensuring the fulfilment of its own requisites, legal requisites, and requisites that apply to our activity.


To operate as a profitable business, creating value for all interested parties and assuming ourselves as the preferred handling operator, in scope and international acknowledgment.



Integrity | Honesty| Continued improvement of our services | Team work | Carrying out work with precision and ethics | Initiative | Human Valorisation | Outperformance  

ICAO and IATA, the two international institutions that regulate civil aviation throughout the work, have been, in late years, seriously concerned in ensuring that operations in this transportation subsector shall be increasingly safer.  For that purpose ISAGO (IATA Safely Audit for Ground Operations) was created, which represents, in fact, a set of more than 200 procedures and norms that Ground Handling operators must comply with in the course of their activities, with a view to ensure that the assistance is, in fact, safe. Over the last 24 months, GHASSIST has been working together with the assistance of Ground Force, with a view to create the conditions for the certification of its operation, in what concerns the ISAGO system. Consequently, after a long period of preparation, and producing numerous manuals, the a adoption of a set of procedures, as well as activating a plan for intensive and comprehensive formation of its collaborators, a team of IATA auditors undertook a comprehensive audit of the system, over a period of a week and a half, during the month of October 15. Upon fulfilment of the recommendations, the system was validated and awarded ISAGO certification, in January 2016. ISAGO certification is an instrument that offers airline operators guarantee that assistance performed on the ground are within international mandatory norms, in what respects to Operational Safety.


Today, GHASSIST has the honour and the privilege of being part of a still restricted group of Ground Handling service operators in Africa, regarded as having its processes and procedures duly fine-tuned, as well as human resources with the desirable training, in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding Safety requirements in world civil aviation.

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